Applications sought for Non-Executive Directors 25 Mar 2014

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) is an Australian Government statutory authority, jointly funded by the Australian Government and rural industries. 

RIRDC invests in research and development to assist rural industries to be productive, profitable and sustainable. 

Applications sought for RIRDC directors

Applications are being sought for non-executive directors of the corporation for a three-year term, commencing in July 2014. To be considered for these part-time positions, applicants must be able to demonstrate knowledge in one or more of the following fields:

  • commodity production, processing or marketing

  • conservation and management of natural resources

  • environmental and ecological matters

  • science

  • technology/technology transfer

  • economics

  • finance and business management

  • administration of research and development, including evaluation of R&D projects

  • communication

  • public administration.

Applicants are asked to provide career and personal details (not more than three pages), noting those areas from the above list in which they have particular skills and experience.

Applications should be lodged by 17 April 2014 via email or post to:

Robert Granger
Presiding Member
6 Billeroy Crt
The Gap, Qld 4061