Open call for research proposals 11 Aug 2014

RIRDC's 2014 open call for research project proposals will be opening on Monday, 11 August 2014.

The timetable for research proposal applications will be:

  • Research open call opens - 9am (AEST), 11 August 2014

  • Preliminary research proposals (PRP) due - 5pm (AEST), 17 September 2014

  • Results of PRP assessments announced - 17 December 2014

  • Full research proposal (FRP) submission round begins - 9am (AEDT), 18 December 2014

  • Deadline to submit FRPs - 5pm (AEDT), 4 February 2015

  • Contracts entered into - 30 July 2015

The following RIRDC research programs are seeking research proposals this year (2014):

Chicken Meat

Research project funding prioritisation is likely to be given to quality proposals aligned with the Chicken Meat Program Five Year RD&E Plan 2014-19 and that:

  • identify cost effective water treatment options for farms, with a particular emphasis on mineral and salt content and pH, and develop a better understanding of water/feed quality interaction for meat chickens;

  • investigate feed mineral effects on foot pad dermatitis and hock lesions in modern broilers;

  • develop rapid, quantitative detection methods for Campylobacter suitable for industry applications in the processing plant;

  • explore renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities for meat chicken farms and other enterprises;

  • investigate economically important endemic diseases and develop better management tools where needed;

  • explore opportunities to optimise the range, quantities and quality of feed ingredients available and the efficiency with which they are used;

  • investigate biosecurity risks and develop mitigation options and strategies;

  • monitor and communicate changes in energy generation technology and cost, and energy efficiency of equipment and practices, and formulate recommendations and communicate these outcomes to industry;

  • investigate creative solutions for securing supplies of litter (including reuse) and evaluate novel low cost sources of litter, including recycled materials;

  • investigate options for spent litter management, treatment and/or disposal in areas where disposal options are limited;

  • investigate performance and health issues in the free range sector, with a particular emphasis on gut health, coccidiosis and the incidence of metabolic conditions in these systems.

Honey Bee and Pollination

Prospective applicants to the Honey Bee and Pollination Program are advised to review the Program's draft Five-year RD&E Plan (2014/15-2018/19). The Five-year Plan contains objectives and component strategies that reflect issues of importance to the Australian honey bee industry and those industries reliant on honey bees for pollination. 

Research project funding prioritisation is likely to be given to quality proposals that are clearly aligned with the Plan. Applicants should note that RIRDC does not intend to call for proposals for this program in 2015.


Research project funding prioritisation is likely to be given the Human Capital Goal within the Rice R&D Plan 2012-2017. The other goals within this Plan are a lower priority this year.

Pasture Seeds

Research proposals across all goals within the Pasture Seeds Five-year R&D Plan 2013-2018 are being called for and respondents should closely refer to Plan before submitting proposals. Objective three within the Plan will be the lowest priority this year.

New and Developing Plant Industries

R&D required by prospective new or developing agricultural industries will be considered. Competitive advantage for Australia and appropriate industry maturity must be demonstrated in proposals.