Help plan RIRDC’s future - complete the online questionnaire 22 Sep 2015

The consultation process for the development of RIRDC’s R&D Plan 2016-2021 has kicked off and the Corporation is inviting stakeholders to provide their feedback, perspectives and priorities.

One quick and easy way to have your say is by completing an online questionnaire. The questionnaire should only take no more than 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed here:

Responses can be made anonymously and the information provided will be received and then collated by a specialist third party agency – Currie Communications.

The RIRDC R&D Plan 2016-21 will be the principal planning and operational document for the Corporation during that five year period. The plan will convey RIRDC’s purpose and core operational activities, explain the environment and context in which it operates, its planned performance, risk management and capabilities.

The process to develop the Corporate Plan 2016-21 will include:

  • assessment and analysis of achievements and progress against existing goals;

  • significant stakeholder consultation; and

  • evaluation of changes to the operating environment.

RIRDC has developed a Consultation Plan for the development of the RIRDC Corporate Plan 2016-21 and this can be downloaded here.