Rolling out positive changes to quad bikes 22 Feb 2016

Any change that’s likely to reduce quad bike related deaths and injuries on-farm is a positive step for agriculture, according to the Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership (PIHSP).

It follows the announcement from WorkSafe Victoria that roll-over protection devices must be fitted on quad bikes in that State.

PIHSP advisory chair Gordon Gregory says with on-farm death tolls continuing to devastate farming communities around the country, the new mandatory requirement is a welcome change.

“Quad bikes are the leading cause of on-farm fatalities, accounting for 15 on-farm deaths in 2015. The industry can not continue to do nothing about this!” he said.

“WorkSafe Victoria is to be congratulated on starting the ball rolling on this highly important area of on-farm safety and we would hope the rest of the States also take action to address the risks to riders from quad bikes.”

Mr Gregory offers these additional tips on the safe operation of quad bikes: 

  • always wear a helmet

  • keep children younger than 16-years-old off quad bikes

  • make sensible choices about terrain and environmental conditions

  • make sensible choices based on rider’s ability and your machine

  • farmers are urged to attend training courses (click here to see a PIHSP video on this subject).

The goal of the Partnership is to improve the health and safety of workers and their families in farming industries across Australia. It is funded by the Cotton, Grains and Rural Industries Research and Development Corporations, as well as the Australian Meat Processor Corporation and Meat & Livestock Australia. For more information about the partnership, visit