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RIRDC’s management of investment in equine research, development and extension (RD&E) activities ceased on 30 June 2015.

The Horse Program recognises the financial support it has received over the years provided by Alanbridge Stud, the Australian Equine Veterinary Association, the Australian Harness Racing Council, the Australian Quarter Horse Association, the Australian Stock Horse Society, the Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Club, Ms Barb Vial , Coolmore Australia, Ms Dolly van Zaane, Edinburgh Horse Rugs, Equestrian Australia, Mr Gerry Harvey, Howards Insurance, International Racehorse Transport, Logan’s Livestock Insurance, Magic Millions, the Paint Horse Association of Australia, Peptech Animal Health, Racing Australia, Racing Victoria, Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, Tyreel Stud. 

The independent report Economic Evaluation of Investment in the Horse RD&E Program summarises the benefits and costs of 21 recently completed projects. The funding for these projects totalled $12.4 million, in present value terms, of which RIRDC co-invested $4.2 million (which included industry funding). Six of these projects produced total benefits of $28.1 million in present value terms. 

The total investment in the six projects of $3.1 million produced a benefit-cost ratio of 9.2 to 1 for these six projects. If the benefits from the six projects were compared to the total investment in the 21 projects, the benefit-cost ratio was 2.3 to 1. These ratios compare very favourably with other RD&E programs.

Hendra Virus research

The Rural Industries R&D Corporation is the managing agent for a number of projects funded under the National Hendra Virus Research Program. For more information about the National Hendra Virus Program, visit the Queensland Government biosecurity website.

Program Aim

For the Australian horse industry to be nationally and internationally recognised for its excellence as a reputable user and supplier of quality horses, products and services; and for the industry to expand in the global market by having the requisite skills and knowledge for efficient, profitable and sustainable production.

R&D Plan

The Five-year Plan for the Horse RD&E Program focuses on the areas of research, development and extension (RD&E) activities that are of greatest potential value to Australia’s horse industry, and where there are capabilities to provide high quality RD&E.

Download the Horse R&D Plan 2011-2016 here.

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RIRDC Projects and Results

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Current projects

All of RIRDC's current horse research projects appear to the right. Click on a project name for more information about that project.

Current projects

Completed projects

All horse research projects completed by RIRDC appear here. Click on a project name for more information about that project.

Once completed, Hendra Virus projects will appear below.

Completed projects
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