PIHSP Work Health and Safety Manuals

Work health and safety

Managing Work Health and Safety for Beef, Sheep and Wool Production

The Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership has funded the development of new resources to assist those working in the beef, sheep and wool industries to implement effective work health and safety (WHS) systems for their businesses.

The new resources, used in combination with a range of existing resources, provide producers with a best practice guide to managing WHS requirements.  They are provided as a series of standalone guides, registers and checklists for ease of use on the farm, and are able to be customised to meet the needs of the individual farm business.  

While the resources are targeted at beef, sheep and wool producers, some of the checklists and registers may also be of value to primary producers in other industry sectors that are managing similar WHS risks.

These resources have been compiled by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety supported by funds from several Rural Research and Development Corporations and based on over two decades of discussion and feedback from primary producers. This current version is funded by the Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership.

1. Safety at Work  

Keeping people safe
Meet your legal safety responsibilities
Putting safety into action

2. Your Plan for Safety

Assess and understand safety risks on your farm
Build a safety plan specific to your farm business

3. Providing Safety Induction

Know why inducting new workers is important
Use a structured approach to induct new workers