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Travel grant to attend WAVLD conference (P Steer)
Summary The RIRDC Project “Investigation of IBH outbreaks in Australian meat breeder/broiler flocks and establishment of an avian adenovirus typing facility and service” (ID PRJ000610) has led to the development of a diagnostic technique for the rapid identification of fowl adenoviruses (FAdV), using some of the most advanced technology available in the field of molecular biology.
The WAVLD conference provides an excellent opportunity to present this research, and the related publication “Classification of Fowl Adenovirus Serotypes by Use of HighResolution Melting Curve Analysis of the Hexon Gene Region.”
Program Chicken Meat
Research organisation The University of Melbourne
Objective summary Present research findings to WAVLD conference.
Project Stage Closed
Project start date Monday, March 16, 2009
Project completion date Friday, August 21, 2009
Journal articles from project Not Available
National priority Safeguarding Australia
Rural priority Adoption of R&D
RIRDC goal CME-Increase the productivity and efficiency of chicken meat production
Principal researcher Penelope Steer
Research manager Michael Beer
Admin contact Trish Kendal