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Project Details

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Inviting Dr Marc de Beer from Aviagen Nutrition Conference
Summary Conference on: Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition, Australia
Program Chicken Meat
Research organisation University of New England
Objective summary Dr de Beer, Global Head of Nutrition Services at Aviagen in Hurstville, Alabama, has an indepth knowledge of broiler nutrition and genetics as well as their interaction in terms of bird management.
Dr de Beer has agreed to speak at the conference and he will bring a great deal of knowledge about the global chicken meat industry, which will be of real value to the Australian industry.
Project Stage Closed
Project start date Friday, April 01, 2011
Project completion date Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Journal articles from project Not Available
National priority An environmentally sustainable Australia
Rural priority Adoption of R&D
RIRDC goal CME-Increase the productivity and efficiency of chicken meat production
Principal researcher Mingan Choct
Research manager Kylie Hewson
Admin contact Mingan Choct