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Rapid detection & quantitation of Campylobacter jejuni/coli in processing
Summary This project seeks to provide industry with a fully validated, rapid technique to identify the presence and determine levels, by either breakpoint quantitation or fully automated realtime quantitation, of Campylobacter jejuni/coli in the processing plant. The project will initially establish and validate methods for rapid DNA extraction from samples from the poultry processing plants. Next the project will establish and validate the use of Loopmediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) technology for the rapid detection of Campylobacter jejuni/coli using two approaches. LAMP is an isothermal DNA amplification technique. LAMP features the same specificity as traditional PCR technology. We will evaluate a low technology approach (no sophisticated equipment, just a water bath is all that is required) and a higher level equipment based approach. LAMP is typically more rapid (around 30 minutes) and more efficient (in terms of product) than traditional PCR. The most effective, industry relevant methodology and detection approach will then be used to validate the full technology with processing plant samples.
Program Chicken Meat
Research organisation The State of Queensland acting through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Objective summary Establish and validate rapid detection of Campylobacter jejuni/coli in samples from the processing plant using LAMP technology
Establish, validate and compare two options for LAMP technology:

a.breakpoint quantitation using visual assessment, fluorescence detection and a lateral flow detection system
b.fully automated realtime quantitation

On the basis of results from Objective 2 and feedback from an industry steering committee, select a methodology suitable for adoption by industry and fully validate with processing plant samples.
Project Stage Current
Project start date Monday, August 03, 2015
Project completion date Sunday, March 31, 2019
Journal articles from project Not Available
National priority Promoting and maintaining good health
Rural priority Advanced Technology
RIRDC goal CME-Deliver safe food and good animal welfare outcomes
Principal researcher Jillian Templeton
Research manager Michael Beer
Admin contact Paul Hickey