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Lucerne yellows disease: testing and extension of disease management strate
Program Pasture Seeds
Research organisation The University of Sydney
Objective summary The aim of this project is to build on earlier RIRDCfunded work in which the pathogen and vectors responsible for Australian lucerne yellows disease were determined and in which tentative disease management strategies were identified. This project willproduce a 'toolkit' of disease management approaches that growers will be able to draw from to better manage this important plant disease. These strategies will include measures to reduce immigration into lucerne crops of diseasecarrying leafhopper insects remove the noncrop hosts of the pathogen as well as management to alleviate the severity of symptoms in infected plants. Reflecting the regional differences in lucerne production and integrated pest management (IPM) practices research will takeplace in both NSW and South Australia. The optimal disease management strategies will be extended to growers by an illustrated colour 'ute guide'type tool with more detailed information available on a farmerfriendly web site. The rigour of the outcomes will be assured by submitting findings to a peerreviewed journal (Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture).
Project Stage Closed
Project start date Friday, July 02, 2004
Project completion date Saturday, March 31, 2007
Journal articles from project Not Available
RIRDC goal PSE-Production and processing efficiency and improved sustainability
Principal researcher Geoff Gurr
Research manager Michael Beer
Admin contact Pearly Harumal